Friday, July 1, 2011

Redevelopment 3 - Outward number

Redevelopment 3 - Outward number (In Marathi)

Inward and Outward - this two words are familiar to you. People who handle correspondence in their offices, very well knows the importance of these two words. If an office authority receives any letter from outside, they mention an inward number and the date of receiving the letter. And if office authority sends a letter outside, they mention an outward number i.e. reference number on the letter and date. Most of the time an outward number is mention at left hand side of the letterhead and the date is mention at the right hand side. Both inward and outward numbers are also known as a reference number.

Inward and outward numbers with date are very important in correspondence. Every letter of your society correspondence has to have a reference number irrespective if you are going for redevelopment or no. Even notices about general body meetings send by society to you, has to have an outward number with date.

Likewise when you are doing any correspondence with your society, make sure that you will mention a unique reference number with date for each letter. It is not mandatory for you but it helps you to recognize that which letter of yours the society is answering for. Otherwise the secretary mentions only date and you will be confused if you have one date for two different letters without mentioning reference number.

An outwards helps you a lot in the process of redevelopment. It is mandatory to all the Co-operative Housing Societies in the State of Maharashtra to follow a Directive under Section 79(A) of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960. The time period plays important role in this directive. If co-operative society authorities are not following this directive intentionally or unintentionally, then they might have to pay huge penalty. This affects the process of the redevelopment a lot.

Unfortunately, if such things are happening in your society, then you can check all the correspondence regarding redevelopment in your society office. Two letters send on dates one after another but outward numbers are not following the same order, then you can ask an explanation to the committee of the society and they are bound to answer you. Make sure that you will ask them everything in writing and do not forget to take a received note of the same with the signature and stamp or seal of the society for your record.

Last but not the least, whenever you are receiving any letter or notice from the society, make sure that you will not only sign but also mention a date and time on their received note.

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