Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This isn't my goof up

Finally, I completed the doily. Since I knew how to join small and big pink flowers with circles, I just had to focus on the joining of the first flower where I actually goofed up. I wanted to take a little break from this work and start something new but I was sure that if take a new project in hand then this project will never be completed. It is painful to see your uncompleted work lying for months.

And seriously, when I completed this project I was really happy to see that. The joining, the texture was so good looking that I could not stop myself from taking a snap of this. However, the doily had become little dirty since I worked twice on it, I decided to wash it first and then take the picture. And... oh oh! The guaranteed color of the thread started showing it's real color.

Double click on the image and you will see that there is pinkish shade on some part of the doily. Well, this isn't my goof up. I double check with the dealer before I buy threads but now I think that I should not go for this brand again. Because I am sure that, another wash of doily will spread more color and spoil the whole thing.

Now I have another project of a set of five small doilies. I am making it for one of my friend, who has invited me for a dinner. Friends, especially women like this kind of gifts a lot.

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