Thursday, April 28, 2011

I goofed up!

Oops! What else can I say? Everything is there in the image below.

After long time I tried making a big crochet doily and look what have I done! Seems I did not read the instructions properly. I cannot join two ends as showed in the book.

Well! Now I have to undone the work and start all over again, since I made the mistake in the joining of first flower. Sounds frustrating? Yes, it is. Little time consuming and hectic too! However, I am ready for it.

I can still join the circle by doing some reconciliation but I hate to do it. That is what we need in crochet and in fact in each step of our life. Patience, hard work and most important - obstinacy for perfection.

My first post in English on this blog. The credit goes to Salil Chaudhary for encouragement.

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